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NCSU Extension Publication:AG-763W
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Time to Tune Up the Irrigation System

Now is the time to prepare the sprinkler system for warm-weather use. Run the system and if any of the following problems are found, call a qualified irrigation repair specialist to correct the problem:

  • Spray heads or rotor heads that are too low. If the heads are too low they will not pop up over the top of the grass and spray a proper pattern as seen in the photo.
  • Spray heads or rotors that are out of adjustment or broken which causes them to spray areas that should not be watered (house, driveway, sidewalk).
  • Zone valves that are leaking by allowing water to puddle around the lowest spray heads or rotor heads.
  • Zone valves that either will not turn on or will not shut off.
  • Controller or timer that will not work properly.