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Choosing the Correct Fuel for Outdoor Power Equipment

Maintenance tips to minimize fuel system issues:

. Purchase only the amount of fuel that will be used in 30 days.

. Add fuel stabilizer to the fuel the day you buy it.

. Purchase gasoline with an octane rating of 89 or higher.

. Consider using gasoline without any ethanol if available(E0).

. Gasoline with up to 10% ethanol (gasohol) or 15% MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) by volume is acceptable.  Ethanol and MTBE are not the same. Gasoline with 15% ethanol (E15) by volume is not approved for use in most outdoor power equipment.

. Never use gasoline that contains more than 10% ethanol by volume ethanol, such as E15 (contains 15% ethanol), E20 (contains 20% ethanol), or E85 (contains up to 85% ethanol).

Using unapproved gasoline may cause performance problems and/or engine damage that may not be covered under warranty.

Source: The Toro Company, Bloomington, MN